Tang Yan Unfortunately Fashion Flops at Louis Vuitton Show in Paris

Show in Paris

Fashion fails come in different styles and this look on C-actress Tang Yan is one of those awkward ones that doesn’t pinpoint a culprit in any single element but combined together becomes a Franken-look. Tang Yan was at the Louis Vuitton fashion show this weekend as a guest and decked out in head to top Louis. She paired a tri-color chunky knit turtleneck inside a silky cream colored belted shirt dress finished with socked loafers with a chunky heel. If she wanted to go punk with the shoes and turtleneck that would be cute, or go lady like in the soft floaty shirt dress paired with spring delicate heels that would look classically breezy, but combining two disparate looks is like a little daughter playing dress up in mommy’s closet thinking more is better. The matte red lipstick and unmoving helmet hair doesn’t help, and smiling exactly the same turns poor Tang Yan into very unfortunately replica of her own Madame Tussaud’s wax figure. Better fashion luck next time!

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