Denver to hit 80 degrees on Oct. 20? You bet

It’s not blazing heat, but this autumn, people could get a pretty nice tan in the Mile High City.

The high is expected to top out at 80 degrees Friday afternoon. Breezes gusting up to 40 mph won’t feel too bad because they’re coming from sunny Southern California.

Ah, but wait until Friday night.

There’s a wind change in the very near future. A northwesterly front is headed to the Front Range that will remind residents they’re still in the Rockies, not on the southwest coast.

One to 3 inches of snow is possible in the mountains Friday night and Saturday.

Frigid gusts up to 26 mph in the Denver metro area will feel like a slap in the face when temperatures drop 45 degrees to tonight’s low of 35.

Although sunshine is the forecast for Saturday, the high will be around 56 degrees, according to the National Weather Service in Boulder.

Sunday will start very cool at around 35 degrees, but the temperature will double to around 70.

It’ll be mostly sunny week, at least Monday through Thursday, the NWS predicts.

High temperatures will see-saw from 69 on Monday, to 59 on Tuesday; to 73 on Wednesday and 57 on Thursday.

There’s a slight chance for rain on Thursday, NWS forecasters say.

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