BTECH students put on “artistic revival” fashion show

“artistic revival” fashion show

Layla Dustin walks the catwalk during the Bridgerland Technical College Fashion Show on Thursday in Logan.

“I remember it was weird being with all these older kids, and I felt so cool,” she said. “That’s where I feel my interest in fashion started. It was just fun to be around new people … and try new things that I normally wouldn’t wear.”

On Thursday night, Larsen was back on the catwalk for that same event — Bridgerland Technical College’s Spring Fashion Show. The event is scheduled for a second showing Friday at 7:30 p.m. at BTECH, 1301 N. 600 West, Logan, in Room 171 A-E.

“Fashion is competitive, challenging, creative, dynamic, and constantly changing with lots of opportunities to move up the corporate ladder,” Pulsipher wrote in an email. “It is one field that can employ people from just about any background.”

Saryn Griffiths, a mom working on obtaining her certificate in fashion merchandising and development, said the class provides her “all the minor details that nobody tells you.”

A component of the class is the fashion show, which is meant for students studying fashion to get a “realistic, hands-on experience in planning and producing a fashion event from start to finish,” according to Pulsipher.

“It’s also a great opportunity for students to get out and work with retail store managers and start networking,” she wrote.

Ropelato said students in her fashion merchandising and design class often have no idea how much work a fashion show involves until they actually do it.

“A lot of that work has to be done in a limited amount of time because that’s how the industry is,” she said. “You can’t sell spring fashion months and months ahead because spring fashion isn’t in the stores yet, so a lot of the work gets pushed until the last minute.”

Pulsipher echoed Balling’s comments in an interview, saying the theme of this year’s show was a nod to some styles popular in the 1980s and ‘90s that are making a comeback.

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